The Other Benefits of Exercise

happy-peopleRunning, walking, jogging — whichever is your favorite move, there’s something about the rhythm, repetition, and outdoor air that provides a wealth of benefits, not just for your physical self, but for your whole self — inside and out.

I asked DayFit members what the personal benefits are of keeping it up, and the results are more than moving.

“Running is my daily escape from reality. While I’m running, there’s nothing on my mind and the only thing I hear is the sound of my breathing.”  ~Super G.

“Walking helps free up my mind to explore creative solutions to problems.” ~Mich

“It keeps my cardio up so I can do other things I enjoy, such as swimming, salsa dancing, and riding my bike.” ~Anna Marie

“Running helps me think clearly on days when everything seems impossible. This clear thinking makes me more focused and productive at work.” ~Mo

“It makes me feel good overall. And it lets me stray from my healthy diet from time to time.” ~Alick

What are the benefits of running or walking to you? Let us know in the comments below.

Shelly Bowen is a professional writer and Web content strategist based in California. She enjoys hiking, dirt biking, kayaking, and running in sand.

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