About Us

Our Promise to You

Our mission at DayFit is to provide the tools, inspiration, and motivation you need to stay fit for life. No small task, we know. But we’re ambitious that way. (No surprise, really, when you consider who we are.)

Ambitious, yes. But also realistic. We believe in the day-by-day approach to fitness. A comprehensive approach that will leave you feeling more active, fulfilled, empowered, fit, healthy, energetic, and positive than ever before. Heck, together, we may even change the world.

Start by signing up for free DayFit e-mailed tips. That’s it. We promise to walk you through the rest. Today is the first day, as they say!

Who We Are

about-10mileIf you haven’t already guessed, there’s some serious muscle behind DayFit. Well, we like to think so. DayFit is the brainchild of Andy Voggenthaler, a 20+-year endurance athlete, and seasoned brand licensing and business development executive… Combining his own experience including running over 20 marathons, numerous road races, adventure races, triathlons (including the infamous Ironman Hawaii World Championships), along with a variety of other endurance races, with the knowledge of half a dozen of other endurance athletes, health enthusiasts, and a veteran health media pro, DayFit has everything it needs to help you achieve DayFit-ness.

How We Got Here

Our story is simple. A group of friends were training for a marathon for charity. We wanted to raise money for a good cause, sure. But also we wanted the motivation to get fit. Finding the support we needed to get in shape, however, was more than difficult.

What We Offer

DayFit is a comprehensive resource for your fitness needs. We offer:

  • Fitness Tips and Advice from Endurance Athletes
  • DayFit Tracker to track your fitness progress, day by day
  • DayFit products — Only DayFit tested and approved apparel, equipment, and nutrition suppliers wear the DayFit logo
  • Corporate Fitness Rewards (to be announced)

Our Founder

Andy Voggenthaler, DayFit Founder
Andy is a 20-year endurance athlete and brand licensing professional. He’s worked with brands such as General Motors, Nabisco, Motts, Pebble Beach, Hang Ten, and DuPont. Combining his own experience with the knowledge of half a dozen of other endurance athletes, health enthusiasts, and a veteran health media pro, he created DayFit so that you would have as much support and tools you need achieve DayFit-ness  — all in one place.