5 Ways to Achieve DayFit-ness

By Shelly Bowen  
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iStock_000007572215XSmallDayFit approaches fitness as a journey — not a fad or a program. We’ve been on this journey a while, and we have 5 time-tested tips that we all agree are fundamental to feeling active, fulfilled, empowered, fit, healthy, energetic, and positive. Practicing just one of these tips can improve your mood and increase your energy instantly. Others may take a few days or weeks for results.

  1. Do Something Active Every Day. An active activity can be traditional gym exercise, walking the dog, dancing around the house, chasing the kids, mowing the lawn, or riding your bike. Activity instantly can improve mood and increase energy, and over time, can improve your overall tone and fitness.
  2. Be Social Every Day. Connecting with people (and not just your family) feeds a sense of being positive and fulfilled, both important to your overall health and fitness. If you’ve been locked in your house or office all day, be sure to call your friends, attend a workshop, meet with your trainer, visit with the neighbors, or go to a networking social. If you can combine #2 with #1, even better.
  3. Support Someone Else Every Week. Supporting someone else’s goals — fitness or otherwise — can give you perspective, provide positive energy, and leave you feeling fulfilled. Nice  DayFit feeling for you both.
  4. Eat Well Every Day. Junk food can leave you with a serious case of the blahs. Both mentally and physically. Swap out fatty and sugary foods for low-fat dairy, nuts, cheese, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and whole grain, high fiber foods. It may take a little getting used to (again, both mentally and physically), but your body will eventually appreciate it, and you’ll feel healthier, more fit, and more energetic than ever before.
  5. Be Productive Every Day. Downtime is important to your fitness, but so is being productive. Achieving something even as small as washing the car inside and out or trimming up the overgrown bushes outside can leave you feeling empowered and fulfilled, which just leads to more good things.

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