DayFit Fitness Tracker

At the heart of Fitness Journal is your personal workout journal. This tool allows you to keep record of every workout, every calorie burned, every mile you travel. Entering a completed workout into your workout journal is incredibly satisfying. You had a great workout. Take a minute and record your results.


Customize your journal from a list of over 40 sports and activities. You only see the sports and options that you select. Track your 10,000 steps a day. Track your heart rate zones, record your distance in miles or kilometers. We provide lots of options. You select just the stuff you want. Your journal is flexible. You can change your settings at any time. If you need a sport that is not our list, just ask and we will add it for you.

Once you have added your favorite sports, you can start adding your daily workouts. As you add information, your journal will provide a summary of your hours, miles, calories, steps, etc. With the DayFit Fitness Tracker, you can focus on your body and mind rather than your workout!

Results You Can See

As you build up your database of workouts, you will be able to evaluate your results using monthly, weekly, and daily charts. Its easy to review your own workout performance based on your past history.

Fitness Journal offers an entertaining, and educational view of your own workout history. Are you slacking, or on the edge of burning out? You will actually start to see your own working plan in a whole new light. You may find that based on your historic information you will have better results by adjusting your plan, or your goals.