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treadmill-masthead From head to toe, from your insides to your outsides, DayFit provides the products you need to be fit for life.

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Apparel & Accessories
Sometimes, all it takes is to put on your running shoes to get motivated. Outfit yourself with DayFit breathable, wearable apparel and you’ll not only feel ready to go, you’ll also express your commitment. With every purchase, a portion of DayFit proceeds is donated to charities dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world. All apparel is personally tested by a DayFit team member. (DayFit Apparel is currently in development and testing stages. When we’re satisfied with the product, we’ll email you.)
Fitness Equipment & Centers
In a market flooded by exercise equipment, it’s tough to know which product is best overall. We’re doing the legwork — so to speak — for you. From treadmills to balance balls, running watches to pedometers, we’re testing products that are good enough for an endurance athlete. And for you.
Dayfit Nutrition
All food and nutrition products that wear the DayFit name must hold up to our stringent nutrition standards. You won’t find empty calories or trans fats here. Each product –from energy drinks to protein bars — is designed to keep you energized and on the go. Read the nutrition label of each product for specifics on calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients.